Product Bulletin
High Efficiency Cyclones

High Efficiency Cyclones

At Fisher-Klosterman we take cyclone design very seriously. Our vast experience and scientific knowledge of cyclone design allows us to achieve extremely high collection efficiencies that in many applications can eliminate the necessity of final filtration devices. Our sophisticated computer modeling allows us to offer guaranteed performance when provided with complete operating information.

Fisher Klosterman offers seven basic models of cyclone dust collectors - the XQ Series. These cyclones provide various levels of efficiency to meet your specific collection needs and are available in sizes from miniature collectors to units so large they must be shipped in sections. Dual, quad and other multiple arrangements are also available to solve height restriction issues or increase dust collection efficiency. Common inlet manifolds, outlet manifolds, and hoppers can be supplied to simplify connecting ductwork. Whether you want to remove relatively large particles from the air, eliminate fine particulate from plant emissions, or recover highly valuable product from process gas streams, there’s an XQ cyclone that’s right for you.

XQ Series Cyclones are available in standard designs or with the following custom features:

High Efficiency Cyclones
High Efficiency Cyclones
  • Carbon, stainless or alloy steel construction
  • ASME code design and construction for pressure vessels
  • High temperature construction
  • Interior linings for abrasion resistance including vulcanized rubber, refractory, and ceramics
  • Non-stick coatings
  • Access doors
  • Break-apart construction
  • Interior finishes conforming to 3A dairy, food grade, or pharmaceutical standards
  • Clean-in-place systems
  • Jacketing for heat transfer requirements including dimple plate, coils and half-pipe
  • Explosion containment or venting per NFPA guidelines
  • Support steel, insulation, airlocks, ductwork, and other ancillary equipment

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