Product Bulletin
Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
SFood and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Food and Pharmaceutical Industries have very specialized needs for process equipment. These highly regulated and inspected industries required the highest fabrication standards for their process equipment. The ability to provide equipment meeting these demanding standards is as much an art as it is dedication to details. The surface finishes and materials of construction must be matched to the specific service, and the performance of the equipment must meet the intended goals. For Product Recovery Equipment, this means that as much product as possible must be collected with the least amount of waste. The recovery equipment also needs to meet the process requirement of quick and easy cleanup. Fisher-Klosterman High efficiency cyclones are ideal for this application and can be provided in a wide range of configurations and efficiency levels.

On fugitive Dust Collection and Air Pollution Control applications, finish and cleanup are not always the main criteria, but can certainly be of importance. Dangers such as cross contamination, mold growth, and exposure of personnel during maintenance can be important factors in designing collection equipment. Service access and maintenance procedures must also be takes into consideration. Baghouses, cartridge collectors and wet scrubbers are frequently used here.

Custom Design
All of these aspects must be reviewed prior to specifying and designing equipment in order to meet the specific needs of the process involved. At Fisher-Klosterman, we carefully review all of the design and operating criteria for each specific application, and provide the equipment best suited to the specific needs of the process as well as the operator. From pilot scale bench top units in research labs, to full size production equipment, Fisher-Klosterman can provide the customized product recovery, dust collection, and air pollution control equipment that this industry demands.

  • Available Equipment
  • High Efficiency Cyclones - custom tailored to application requirements
  • Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors - wide selection of filter media
  • Cartridge Collectors - both vertical and horizontal
  • Evolution Series Dust Collectors - featuring pleated spun bonded polyester cartridges
  • Wet Scrubbers - venturi type for particulate collection
  • Packed Bed Scrubbers - for collection of mists, acid gases, and VOCs
  • Accessories and replacement parts
  • Custom fabrication
Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Features and Benefits
  • Break apart construction for quick disassembly and cleaning
  • Internal and external surface finishing to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Electropolishing
  • Special coatings such as PTFE, ceramic, epoxy, UHMW and many others
  • “Bag-In/Bag-Out” feature
  • Special product receiving containers
  • Access ports and inspection/clean-out doors
  • Clean-in-place systems or fittings
  • High Pressure or Vacuum Ratings (ASME Section VIII certified)
  • Explosion venting or containment
  • Complete custom design capabilities

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