Packed Bed Scrubber
Packed Bed Scrubber

PB Packed Bed Scrubber

The Fisher-Klosterman PB Packed Bed Scrubber is custom designed to meet your gas absorption requirements. Our many available features are carefully chosen specifically for your process to ensure long term scrubbing success. Our experience includes the removal of acid gasses, odors, soluble VOCs, SOx, NOx, and other gaseous pollutants.

  • Available Features:
  • Fiberglass, polypropylene, PVC, stainless, or alloy construction
  • Random or structured packing media
  • Packing made of PP, PP-G, Teflon, or stainless steel
  • Chevron or wire mesh pad mist eliminators
  • Package systems complete with tanks, pumps, instrumentation, chemical metering, and piping
  • PLC controls
  • System components including fans and ductwork
  • Multiple stages for certain processes
  • High pressure or vacuum design
  • High temperature quench section
  • Abrasion resistant linings
  • Performance warranty

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